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HeiaHeia in Swedish!

Have you tried HeiaHeia ?

A cool service to track your training or “Probably the most fun way to keep fit!” as they say in the tag line. The reason why I brought it up here is that I have spent some time on it and translated the service to Swedish, read more about it on HeiaHeia’s Blog. If you find any errors in my Swedlish :-) don’t heistate to tell me!

Back from Germany, what I learned…

Learned a little German when I was in Germany, “Die Sauerkraut ist in mein Lederhosen”.

Qt Developer Days 2009 was really cool, saw some very cool software and I can’t wait to get my hands on playing around with Qt 4.6!

P.S. The German is from the movie Top Secret.

Qt Developer Days 2009 in Munich

i’m in Munich on the Qt Developer Days, some very interesting seminars here, and some not that intresting luckily you can pick and choose.

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‘A Glorious Dawn’ ft Stephen Hawking

Holy squirrels, it’s been a long time!

So much has happened, and I had so little time to write blogs/twitter/facebook or any other social service. I have come back from India, if you where wondering. I have moved back to my apartment here in Helsinki. I have started working for Maemo (still in Nokia). I have changed my position completely, I now work as a Lead developer and ScrumMaster for a team of great developers. Qt development is in full swing and we are doing some very cool things (can’t be more specific then that, everything is top secret).

I got another patent application in Nokia and this one is really cool, especially since my name is the only one on it.

Been doing a lot of software development in Qt in general, Qt is great just so you know!

What else is there, feels like a lot more has happened in the last months since I wrote a blog entry, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what has happened.

Patents & Things

It’s been a loooong time since I wrote anything, strangly with so much time on my hands I still never have time to write a blog entry :-)

So much has happend the since I last wrote a entry its difficult to start, but at least the latest :-)

I have a patent application in my name, quite nice, just another few thousands patents left to get to Alexander Graham Bell number of patents. The patent was even put up on Slashdot, how incredible is that?


Now for something completely different, I’m leaving India in two days, that means I have been here in Bangalore for one year, it’s amazing how fast the time flies, so on Friday I’m back in Finland, in my own apartment with my own stuff, very cool.

Back in Bangalore!

I’m back in Bangalore, Baby! :-)

It’s great to come back to my house and the warmth, the only problem was that when I got back (02:00 in the night), I got back to a dark house, no power even if the street outside had power, so after finding a electrician and runing around with a flash light, he couldn’t find the problem. No power means, no warm water no lights and no air conditioner, so after a long night with in a house that was 30 degrees celsius I could wake up with a nice ice cold shower.

The next day I got my driver to try to find out what the problem was, and apparently some had made a mistake and shut the power off on my house, and he wanted a tip for finding this out, keep wondering if he shut it off to get a nice tip.

Isn’t India great :-)

Written on my N810 with Maemo WordPy

The new Seven Deadly Sins…

The pope has just released the new Seven Deadly Sin, and they are… (can you hear the sound of drums)…

  1. Bioethical violations (birth control?)
  2. Morally dubious experiments (stem cell research, genetic manipulation)
  3. Drub abuse
  4. Polluting the environment
  5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
  6. Excessive wealth
  7. Creating poverty

They are really trying hard to be the new “hip” church, with the polluting the environment and “contributing to widening divide between rich and poor”.

There is no clear numbers how much assets the catholic church has (they are not big on visibility into there organization) but the common number is that they have assets worth at least 100 Billion Dollars. Let me repeat that 100 BILLION DOLLARS is there assets, should that be the “Excessive wealth” sin and I think it also has some affect on the “Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor” and “Creating poverty”.

How about instead of having “bioethical violations” they should just switch it to ethical violations or is that sin too difficult for them to keep, I mean with all the crazy priests around.

I suggestion for the Catholic Church they should start following a old proverbs and that is:

Don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house!

I would give the catholic church a “D-” for effort, I mean they just broke 3 of the 7 deadly sins that we know about!

Update: I just realized that the Sins nr 1 and 2 is not really the strong suite of the Catholic Church either, last time the Church entered into science (to try to tell people what is right and wrong) a few people got burnt alive, does Bruno or Galileo ring any bells? You know the guys that suggested that the EARTH revolves around the Sun (it does you know), so in this case I think the Church has lost it’s speaking privileges when it comes to science. It’s at least good that currently the Catholic Church don’t have that much firewood!

The Hipster PDA renewed.

I have been a fan of GTD, and when I discovered the Hipster PDA (from 43folders), I found it to be a great solution for keeping my GTD information, the problem I had was that when you just had a clip for the papers, I couldn’t keep them in my pocket without destroying the paper. So I did the Hard case for my Hipster PDA!

What You NeedThe CassetteDone!Other SideDone 2

What you need:

  1. A Cassette Tape Case
  2. A Dremel Tool
  3. Protective eye wear


  1. Remove the little nubs that keep the cassette in place with your Dremel Tool (wear eye protection)
  2. Fill the Hipster PDA hard case with note papers.
  3. No step 3.
  4. Profit!

Now you got a hard case for your Hipster PDA! A added bonus is that you have a overview page on the front of the case (if you have see through plastic case).

P.S. Check out the Instructables site, I added my small creation there here.

Welcome to my new home…

I got so tired of my old blog so I installed a new one, now it’s wordpress based instead of my own home cooked blog engine. It was fun creating a blog entry, but it was waaay to much work to keep it up to date with new features. I never had time to update the engine, and it cause me to write less blog entries as well.

Welcome to my new blog and lets see if I can keep it up to date this time :-)