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Category Archives: Personal

Glad Midsommar (Happy Midsummer)

Happy Midsummer (or Glad Midsommar for the Swedish speaking) I hope it’s not going to rain to much this weekend.

Holy squirrels, it’s been a long time!

So much has happened, and I had so little time to write blogs/twitter/facebook or any other social service. I have come back from India, if you where wondering. I have moved back to my apartment here in Helsinki. I have started working for Maemo (still in Nokia). I have changed my position completely, I now [...]

Patents & Things

It’s been a loooong time since I wrote anything, strangly with so much time on my hands I still never have time to write a blog entry So much has happend the since I last wrote a entry its difficult to start, but at least the latest I have a patent application in my name, [...]

Back in Bangalore!

I’m back in Bangalore, Baby! It’s great to come back to my house and the warmth, the only problem was that when I got back (02:00 in the night), I got back to a dark house, no power even if the street outside had power, so after finding a electrician and runing around with a [...]

Welcome to my new home…

I got so tired of my old blog so I installed a new one, now it’s wordpress based instead of my own home cooked blog engine. It was fun creating a blog entry, but it was waaay to much work to keep it up to date with new features. I never had time to update [...]